What is Wild and Where can you Find it?

Raising kids in the city, I worry sometimes if they are getting enough time; outside; in nature; in the wild.  Are they wild enough?  Am I wild enough?  It’s so easy for nature to become something to look at; something else we need to do.  Rather than it being part of us, and us part of nature.  That’s what I love most about this book, the simple, poetic and beautiful reminder of that wildness.  Beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated.


‘Wild roars and barks and hisses and brays.  It storm-thunders and wind whispers.         Wild sings.’

My girls love roaring and barking and hissing and braying as we read this book.  Beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated, each page opens us up to the wild, around us and within us.

Where to Buy:

Available at most bookstores otherwise your local store can order it in for you.


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