Weighted Blankets for Kids with Sleep issues, Anxiety, and/or Autism

Weighted blankets have long been used in hospitals with patients suffering trauma,  There is something about the added weight – ideally 10% of the patient’s body weight, that helps soothe the nervous system.

I recently had one made for my eldest who, like me is a nervous sleeper.  She has nightmares regularly and can find it very difficult to get to sleep.  When I first introduced the blankey, I combined it with a gentle rocking movement to help slow her mind down and put her in her body.  It’s a great sensory integration activity.

Now, we only need the rocking movement if she is particularly strung out.  Very often the blanket is enough to help her connect with her body and slow her mind down.

Made of organic cotton fabric, (which I requested) and filled with cherry pits (washed and cleaned of course) which I was thrilled to discover as so many makers use less environmentally friendly plastic beads instead.  If you can’t find one that uses cherry pits, then check and make sure they’ll use glass beads rather than plastic.

Below are makers I’ve found who will use more environmentally friendly materials upon request:

UK/Europe: Sam makes lovely weighted blankets using cherry pits and organic fabric when requested.

Australia: Sam (the image featured above) has a stunning collection of fabrics, both organic and non, and uses glass beads to make her beautifully constructed blankets.

USA:  This shop offers an upgraded price to use glass beads with their blankets instead of plastic.


If you’re handy with a sewing machine, here’s how to make one yourself

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