The Sweetest Nature Stories for a Homesick Heart

‘I miss Australia,’ says my eldest climbing into my lap and snuggling in close.  I wrap my arms around her and hold her close, enjoying this quiet moment with her.  I reach across to the bookshelf, we have a book tree right next to our comfiest chair, and grab ‘Tales From The Whispering Forest,’ and as the wind whips around outside and the Autumn rain drives down, we read.  She sounds out words and they soothe her heart.

We love this book, it’s gentle rhythm, the descriptions of the bush and the native animals we know so well but never see anymore, and for a moment, it takes us home again, to our other home,  and to of all the people we love there.

My daughter loves the story called the ‘song and the seed,’ about a fairy who had blown a dandelion seed into the wind, wrapping her song, her heartfelt wish for someone who would one day need help.  It offers comfort, and the promise of untold kindness when we need it most, when we feel most lonely and alone.

For anyone who is a fan of the gentle, natural rhythm of waldorf stories, and for those wanting to be wrapped in the feeling of Australia, this book is a must.  Written by Rachel Larmer and Illustrated by Bree Haxell, we promise you it will set your imagination alight.


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