The easiest and most darling way to introduce learning about the weather to your kids

Okay, are you sensing a theme here!  Yes, gnomes, I seem to be obsessed.  Bare with me though, because these are adorable.  I bought these for my eldest when she was two, and they have been well loved and well played with.

Hand painted by (link to etsy), from wooden peg dolls, these little gnomes quickly became an essential part of our morning rhythm (and of my youngest’s play when her sister was at school – she used to put them in her Moover pram along with all of her other ‘babies.’)  Each of the crowns are handstitched using wool felt and glued on (handy to know if and when curious fingers wrench them off – ideally try to catch it before they end up in the wash like ours did – it’s a little worse for wear but the crown still fits, kind of!)

I always set the gnomes up on some birch logs I found on the nature strip and promptly tucked into the carrier in the pram and took hom to cup into blocks (they make great blocks! Oh how I love my jigsaw).  The two blocks above made the perfect sized stands for our gnomes and the gnomes that were picked for the day.

Now, we’ve actually progressed a little passed these now, so if you’d like a second-hand pair and don’t mind a little love then send me an email and I can see about getting them to you!


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