Sustainable Christmas Trees – Where to Get Them!

Whichever way you look at it, the Christmas tree market has a massive footprint.  Whilst plastic trees may be used year upon year, even if we exclude the carbon miles accrued in shipping them from their country of manufacture, they are typically only used for 6-10 years before being thrown into landfill, where they do not break down.

Sure real trees have a footprint too, but helpfully much of this is offset by the carbon they soak up during their time in the ground.  And if you buy local, you can minimise the carbon miles too!  If you are interested, I came across a really great article investigating just how eco-friendly real christmas trees grown on your local farm are.

So what are the greenest options (pardon the pun!)?

  • If you want a real tree, go local! Pick one that is native to your area.
  • Or pick a tree that Gives Back: through a local community group or Oxfam
  • You might also consider buying a smaller one in a pot, keeping it year on year, and watching your family grow alongside it.
  • If you’re not much of a green thumb and fear the brown die-off of leaves that is unrecoverable, consider renting.
    • In Victoria, Australia Eco Christmas Trees will rent you a tree, and they’ll take it back when the season is over and replant it so that it will thrive until next season.
    • In Amsterdam,
    •  In California, The Living Christmas Co along with the Rent a Living Christmas Tree Company are also not in the business of cutting down trees.  They too will pick your tree up when you’ve finished it and nurture it all year long.  
    • In Oregon, The Potted Christmas Tree will also rent you a tree
  •  Alternatively, try the Tree without a Tree Option
    • If you are creative you can make a tree from a recycled pallet
    • Or try driftwood.  I’m trying this one, this year.
    • Or embrace the Nordic look with bare branches hung from fishing wire from the ceiling or strategically placed in planters or jugs and then decorated festively
    • One Million Women have put together a great guide to upcycled festive trees as part of their No Waste Christmas Campaign. If you are looking for some more creative ideas for decorating with found objects
    • For more ideas, check our Pinterest board


USA (California and Oregon at this stage – if you know of anyone anywhere else, let me know.  I’d love to celebrate them!)


  • South Essex -renting:
  • Gloucestershire
  • Sustainable Farming Philosophy: Pines and Needles are also committed to sustainable Christmas tree production and have made some serious efforts to ensuring the integrity of that statement across all stages of farming



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