Stuck… Is there no end to Oliver Jeffers’ genius?

I love this book.  My kids love this book.  And when I accidentally got my daughter’s kite stuck up in a tree, this was the book that saved me from a week of her wrath.

The king of unexpected, Oliver Jeffers writes about ordinary objects handled in unexpected ways.  A ladder… you think, well of course, climb the ladder to get the kite.  Problem solved.  Instead, ‘up it goes’.  I love it.

I mean, anyone who can work an ‘orangutan’, ‘a long-distance lorry’ and a ‘whale that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time’ into a story, is alright by me.  The word choices are brilliant.  Play around with them, feel them in your mouth, they are fun to say, fun to hear, and they make me giggle each time.


I love how Jeffers starts with ordinary, every day items, and builds ever so slightly until suddenly he is talking about completely wild things that would never happen, but you just accept it, because with every line, Jeffers has teased the boundaries of acceptability ever so slowly, widening them just a little, until, it’s completely reasonable for a kid to  throw a fire engine up a tree, followed by the firemen?  Why not, really?

Where to Buy:

Available at most bookstores otherwise your local store can order it in for you.


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