Spring’s Sprung, finally the sunshine is out!

We’ve set up our new nature table (in truth, I was a little excited for Spring and set it up before it was ‘officially Spring’) and we’ve shuffled our books.  The Snowy Day (a brilliant book by Ezra Keats, the first picture book to have an African American child not only pictured but as the hero), A Dot in the Snow, Winter Waits and The Story of the Snow Children have been moved to the back of the shelf, and The Butterfly Park, Spring’s Sprung, The Root Children and Finding Wild, all have pride of place.

The Root Children and Finding Wild have already been reviewed)


I love all the green and the colour on these covers, they make my heart happy.

Spring’s Sprung is an old book, by Janet Plourde, I managed to find it through Abebooks.com but it was totally worth it.  I also love that it’s second hand and has had a whole other life before coming to join our little family.  It’s a lovely tale about Mother Earth and her three daughters, March, April and May, who must ‘wake the world to start a new day.’

March, April and May remind me of my girls, competing with each other for attention, wanting to be better and faster and a million other things more than their sister, and I think there is something nice about reading about this together.  It normalises it for me, for my girls, and frames it in a way that is kind-hearted and loving.

The Butterfly Park is a book I bought before we moved to Amsterdam.  It is the story of a girl who moves from a beautiful home surrounded by nature to the city.  I bought it because it is a story about moving, about change, about new beginnings.  And it is beautifully executed.  It is subtle, this transitional instability is not ‘the story’ but it is there in the background.  The story is about a girl and a butterfly and the makings of a beautiful community garden where they will both feel at home.  My girls come back to this story again and again, and my eldest still loves the butterflies.


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