RoRo Lulla Doll’s real heart beat can soothe even the most unsettled little one

With Christmas coming, are anyone else’s little one’s having trouble going to sleep?  I know mine are!  So this week on the blog we are focussing on sleep.  
First up, the Lulla Doll. I wish this one was around when my eldest was a bub, I think it could have made a world of difference.  Her preferred sleeping option then was on top of me.  These days, she doesn’t need me quite so close, but she still wants me in the room.  Since playing with Lulla though, she has slept more soundly with fewer nightmares.
Designed by three Icelandic mothers, Lulla doll plays a real-life recording of breathing and a heartbeat, recorded over 8 hours, to help bubs and kids fall asleep and stay asleep for longer.  Lulla has a sweet face and is made completely of a cotton-blend, which makes her soft and cuddly, and most importantly, completely machine washable (all you need to do is detach the sound box).


Where to get your own:


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