Playing house, or shops, or visits to Grandma, or just creating a little hide-away

This has been on my to-do list for two years, (check out Pinterest for ideas!) which is crazy as I have the fabric, and I have the sewing machine, but then I moved, to Amsterdam for 6 months, and a year later we are still here, and my sewing machine and my fabric are back in Australia.  So (no pun intended!), I found a lovely lady on Etsy who makes these fantastic tablecloth houses, and all of a sudden, my kitchen table is now the setting for a million different games – all while I make dinner (or read my book and order take-away… ssh!)

Made from 100% cotton, these table cloth houses come in a range of designs (my girls are obsessed with pink and with butterflies, but they have nautical themes and spaceships and caravans and castles), the doors tie back and the windows roll up, if the girls are using it to play shops.  Mostly they stay firmly down so that they can have some ‘crimacy’ as my youngest calls it, and play in their own world completely uninterrupted.  They are made in Lithuania, and can be made to your own specifications to fit the table you have.

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