Our Christmas Wish List for 7-8 year olds

1.A windmill kit with rainbow sails (essential while we are living in the land of the windmill).  You can actually pair these with Number 12 to create a wind powered pulley system.

2. Wooden Knitting Needles in a variety of sizes

3. A hand drill for smaller hands (you can also get electric ones if you’d rather!)

4. The Naming of Tishkin Silk  The first book in The Rainbow Silk series by Glenda Millard. A beautiful series that is enchanting, magical and heartwarming.  It deals with family challenges big and small with a tender hand.  I can’t wait for my eldest to be just a little older so we can read them together.

5. A Robotic Arm Hydraulic Kit – because what kid doesn’t need an extra arm!

6. Cubetto Coding Toy  I managed to get my hands on this when it was still available through Kickstarter, it’s amazing.

7. Vivobarefoot water play shoes – in purple, blue and green, these are great for playing in rockponds, creeks, streams and everywhere kids want to play where there is water.

8. Kid’s Weaving Loom.  My girls are so enjoying their weaving kits, I think this will be a lot of fun when they are ready.

9. Triominoes.  Like Dominoes but with three sides.  I loved this game as a kid (mine was not quite so pretty or eco-friendly as this one) but they provided hours and hours of entertainment.

10. Kid’s Cotton Pod Hanging Seat Hammock – just to have their own little space

11. .Coolertron 3.5 inch colour LCD digital microscope this is so awesome, It’s on my list for next Christmas.  Or maybe this one.

12. Basket Cable Car Kit.  Cute and fun, and extra fun when paired with number 1.

13. Welcome to the land of knights and princesses and dragons and castles.  It’s true I’m a little obsessed with blocks, but these make me so happy.

14.Build your own laptop and code it.  Our girls love this, it’s a little advanced for them, so they are building and coding it in stages.  I think 7-8 is the perfect age.

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