‘I’m going to be a Scientist when I grow up’ – Thanks Ada Twist Scientist

‘Can you change my song to ‘who, what, why, like Ada?’ asks my eldest as I tuck her into bed.

‘Grandma’s baby girl,’ I sing, as I do every night (and have done since she was very small and stubbornly refused to sleep), ‘asks how, what, why and when, to understand how the world works.’

I love this book; for the curiosity it has inspired in my children, for the love of questions it cultivates and for the scientific inquiry it makes possible on each and every page.

‘Look, she’s holding the number 4 and that toy has 4 legs.  And look there’s the number 8, and the octopus has 8 legs.’

My children are enthralled with Ada, her questions and her world of ‘hypotheses’ – ‘Mama, whats a hypothesis?’ my youngest asks.

‘It’s an idea, about how things might work, and then we look for information to see if our idea is right or wrong.’

‘Oh,’ says my youngest, nodding her head sagely.

This is a fabulous book, one worth having on the shelf (we’ve been reading it every night, and the rhythm and rhyme and meter are exceptionally well done.)  Now, we’ll just have to wait for the rest of Ada’s class-mates to tell their stories too!  (If you haven’t come across Andrea Beaty and David Roberts books yet, you’ll discover Rosie Rever, Engineer -I’ll be writing about this one soon, and Iggy Peck Architect.  They all belong to the same class, and all, according to Andrea at the SCBWI conference in New York, have their own stories to tell.  Personally, I can’t wait.)

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