How are you counting down to Christmas This Year?

We are a little obsessed with Christmas and having moved countries without actually taking most of our possessions, we now have quite a collection of Advent Calendars, they’re just in two places!  Growing up, I was familiar with the countdown calendars, but since moving to Europe I have been exposed to the calendars celebrating the four weeks of Advent.

Our favourite 4-light Advent calendars:

  • These Angel Chimes are a traditional Swedish decoration.  They are so sweet, the heat from the candles flames cause the angels to spin and ring their chimes.

Our favourite count-down calendars.  I’ve always made these:

  •  The last two Christmases I wrote out different activities to do, one for each day, and then roll up the paper and tied it to a bauble-decorated branch with string.  My girls loved picking each day, but regularly put back activities they didn’t feel like doing and picked again!  We had impromptu dance parties, we read Christmas books in front of the fire, we made biscuits for our neighbours, chocolates for the teachers, and the girls made play dough for their friends, we sang so many Christmas carols, we watched our very first Christmas movie – The Santa Clause with Tim Allen because I love it, and we made Christmas decorations using salt dough.


  • Two years before that, I made a version of this.

Inside each box were stickers my eldest would use to decorate the box.  All you need are empty matchboxes, green paper and magnetised tape to stick them to the fridge.  They’ve also encouraged a healthy attachment to Hygge, how else was I going to use up all of those matches!







  • This year, I am planning on making this:  Same concept as above with the list of activities just a fun new format.




Which countdown calendars do you use?


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