HABA Ball Track Kullerbü – Giant Rally Track is a complete disappointment

On the website, it says this track is for 2-year-olds, but my 5-year-old cannot put it together on her own, and she built a computer with her father.

There is no instruction manual, and, it turns out, if the pieces aren’t exactly as shown in the picture (which may or may not be testing my aging eyes) then the stupid balls don’t make it back up the dip piece.

This is my girls pushing the balls around the rest of the course

Even if I put aside the surprisingly large amount of plastic (which 1) was not mentioned on the website I purchased the product from; 2) is not recycled, but is BPA free; and 3) made me want to send the whole thing back as soon as my daughter opened it) that HABA chose to use for the curved parts of the track and for all of the joining pieces in order to ‘maintain a price in which customers are still willing to spend’ (according to  Nadine Bendhaou of HABA support), I still cannot like this toy.  The joins are not elegant, the pieces do not fit together cleanly, resulting in an unhelpful level of drag on the ball, which in turn means the set really only works well in one format.  It feels to me, like they have compromised the design to save money, and I’m not convinced that the end result was designed to benefit the consumer as much as the company itself.


This coloured wheel broke off within days of opening the box.  It fits back in, but each time the ball runs through, it is knocked off again.

There is very little that is open-ended or kid-friendly about this track, other than the fact that kids can put the ball at the start of the track, can set up the blocks at the end of the track (which was one of the reasons I bought this set, I thought it would work really well with the Grimms Rally Blocks – it does by the way) and then they can clap and cheer as they watch the balls move around the track they did not put together themselves.  My kids love this part, for a good 2-5 minutes before they run off to play with something more fun.

Usually, I like HABA, it’s a company that has made a name for itself with eco-friendly toys.  Their Kullerby track though, has made me think twice about purchasing any of their toys again in the future.

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