Grimm’s Number Block – A Rainbow Maths Story

My eldest loves maths.  She also loves painting and drawing and science, and climbing trees and yelling too loudly, but maths at the moment seems to have moved to number 1.  She completes worksheets like an unmonitored kid at a candy bar.  She comes home with sheaves of papers, and when she gets home she wants me to print out more papers for her to fill in.

I don’t love the paperwork so much and I worry sometimes that her mind is being stimulated at the expense of her body, so when I found this board, I was thrilled to be able to bring her hands – along with a sense of play back into her work.  We use this board in a variety of ways.  Sometimes she just makes a rainbow snake, sometimes we use them with our Flockmen to work out the answers when we are adding or subtracting more than two numbers, and sometimes we use them to create colour-by-number colouring in pages.

This is another Grimm’s Spiel & Holz product.  We have a number of theirs, and I have not yet been disappointed.  If you didn’t catch my post on their Rainbow Rally Blocks, here’s a quick overview of why I love this company.  It focuses on using natural and sustainable materials.  The wood is FSC certified.  The colour glazes they use, are non-toxic, water-based stains that are harmless.  They have been tested for colour fastness in contact with saliva – my youngest also thoroughly tested this claim, and fortunately for us, not once did the blocks leave a mark on her face!  The stains leave a lovely matte finish rather than a glossy one, which I prefer, and celebrate the natural characteristics of the wood.

Easy to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth, and if you’re concerned about disinfecting them, we leave ours out in the sun.  What’s not to love!

Now, if you have trouble finding their products, or find that they are selling out quickly (I’ve found this previously in Australia), I have heard this may be because the company has more demand for their products than they can produce.  A great problem to have for a company, but tricky as well.  It can be hard to speed up production without compromising the product.  Patience may be required, on our part as consumers, but I believe they are a wonderful company and their products are definitely worth the wait.

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