Bulldozers and Trucks – Not just for Boys

http://iviti.co.uk/?vera=commodity-futures-trading-commission&795=da I bought these for my nephew but when my girls discovered them, I had to find something else for him!  Whilst my girls love pink, and butterflies, and rainbows and unicorns, they also love trucks, and rock climbing and digging and trains.  We had to leave our vintage Tonka trucks at home (awesome Ebay finds!) when we moved to Amsterdam, and so we’ve been without trucks for too long.

source link While I was in New York in February for a conference, I had a lovely time ordering toys from Etsy.  I found a lovely man who handmakes trucks and cars of all kinds, with extraordinary detail (think monster trucks, racing cars, vintage cars, helicopters, Model-T replica’s).  I ordered this truck and bulldozer and a semi-trailer carrying cars (more on this awesome find to follow soon!) and he very kindly made them quickly and sent them to a friend’s office for me to pick up!

source link Made from Maple and Hickory, the bulldozer and truck will stand the test of time.  The wheels turn (of course), the bulldozer blade lifts (so much fun) and they are hardy enough to withstand outside play.  The finish is child safe, but I gave ours an extra coat of linseed oil just to make the wood really shine.  My girls had a great time pushing around these blocks and stacking them into the back of the truck.  They sat Lulu in the driving seat and had her steer the bulldozer.

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