Fair Play Kids shares our personal experiences and tips about what we believe are the best products for kids.  The best toy shops (bricks and mortar as well as online), the best toys, (the all-time favourites, as well as all those new and interesting ones), the best kids books, clothes, party supplies and all things related to babies and kids. All of the products and ideas, are tried and tested by me and my girls and hand-picked because of their delight factor and their sustainability approach. 

I research every product to the best of my ability; finding out how and where they are made and by whom, with what materials, where those materials were sourced and the individual company’s business philosophies.  This is my promise to you. 


The idea behind Fair Play Kids

A big kid at heart, I would regularly get lost in good toy stores for hours, and that was before I had children.  I also owned more picture books than was probably healthy.  Since having children, I’ve had the perfect excuse to indulge in the world of kids play, and I have spent more hours than I care to admit looking online, researching, experimenting and thinking about kids, their toys, and the wondrous worlds we create for our children. 

My youngest attends a Montessori school here in Amsterdam, whilst my eldest, now fluent in Dutch attends a Waldorf/Steiner school.   We, as a family,  sit happily somewhere between the two philosophies.  I love the independence that is fostered in a Montessori environment and my children thrive in a ‘teach me to do it myself’ culture.  But the warmth, rhythm, songs, colour, imagination, and heart that are cultivated in a Waldorf environment nurture their spirits in a way nothing else I’ve found has come close to.   

I’ll be upfront, we are one of those families who don’t have plastic toys.  We do not have Disney toys or other things from programs and movies (much to my daughters’ chagrin, although they have named every hand-made doll they have been given in the past year Anna or Elsa despite not actually having seen the movie).  We have limited access to TV or screens, reserving it for flights or illness, and apparently Saturday mornings if I happen to be sleeping in.  My husband and I have wildly differing views, on lots of things, screen time being one of them.  He is quite the tech-head and I’m still trying to figure out Twitter.  We’ve reached a happy middle-ground though and I love that weeks can go by without a screen being switched on.   The girls spent this last summer climbing trees and learning to ride their bikes.

Over the course of my eldest’s first couple of years, I watched the way she played with the different toys that made their way into our home.  I read a lot about early childhood development, about Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio Emilia philosophies, Home-schooling, Unschooling, Project-Based Learning and Re-Wilding our children.  Many of the toys we were given had lots of bells and whistles, they grated on my nerves and left my daughter overstimulated.  I wanted toys that were gentler, more open-ended, more creative; toys that inspired her imagination.

My interest, however, extended beyond just the toys themselves; I wondered about who made the product, under what conditions, about what impact the product will have on our planet, especially after we’ve finished with them.  It is not uncommon to hear my husband return home from somewhere with a product, proclaiming that whatever he has in his hand is not only ‘organic, but gluten-free (he cannot eat gluten), chemical free, recyclable and not mass produced by children.’  He laughs at me but is my biggest supporter.   

How Fair Play Kids Works

The reviews on Fair Play Kids reflect mine and my girls’ opinions.  I will write what we enjoyed, what disappointed us, and importantly whether or not the toys are played with long term.   

Fair Play Kids writes only about products that fit with our philosophy. 

I will also amend posts if more information about a particular product or it’s company comes to light.  This way, Fair Play Kids is kept as up-to-date as possible.

If you have any queries about a product we’ve reviewed I’d love to hear from you.

Like other professional bloggers, online magazines, and traditional media, our main business model is affiliate links and advertising, through banners and the creation of purely editorial content.  All editorial articles that appear on Fair Play Kids will be clearly marked as such. 

However, please know that there will be no revenue attached to the actual individual product reviews. 

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If you have any questions, suggestions, or tips, please do not hesitate!  Ask your questions on social media @FairPlayKids  or via #FairPlayKids and if I can help, I will, happily.

Nothing is ever perfect.  If you have a tip, think I’ve missed something, or disagree, I’d like to hear from you!

Rachael Freeland

Founder of Fair Play Kids
@Fair Play Kids